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Visit our Viking Spiritwear Store! 

New this year:

Waterbottle stickers!

Choose from two designs:
🔵 Ericson - Home of the Viking
🔵 NEW Student Design 2023-24
"Go Ericson Elementary"

*Visit our PTA Square store to purchase

Ericson families have TWO Spiritwear options this year!

🔵 student-designed T-Shirts 2022-23 (most affordable choice)?
🔵 1st place Spiritwear store


Looking for different designs?

 We have more style options!

  hoodies, zip ups, hats,
polos, sweatpants,
and more!


📢 PTA is partnering with 1st Place Spiritwear to give our community all these options.

*Ericson PTA earns 10% on all sales


New Product Lines:

New to our lineup are several products that we've received a lot of requests for, including: