About PTA

What is PTA? 

PTA Stands for "Parent Teacher Association".
Ericson PTA is part of the National PTA, a registered 501(c) non-profit organization that has been helping our children succeed for over 125 years!

Ericson PTA has played an integral role in our children's school experience for 50+ years.

PTA is a powerful voice for all children, a resource for families and communities, and an advocate for public education.  

PTA Awards & Recognitions

Did you know that PTA
is no longer a noun?

It's a VERB -- an action plan working to support your child's success.

It's an invitation to EVERY family at Ericson to participate, because we can do more together than we can do apart.

There's no wrong way to PTA... 

just as long as you're doing it for your child. You can give money by joining and donating. You can volunteer time and effort. Or you can help grow our strength and presence at the local, state, or national level as an advocate for improving your child's education.

How will YOU PTA?