Fall Festival

We need Volunteers to help run our
FALL Festival and PTA Booths!

Asking: min. of a 30 min shift for any booth


Musical Bake Walk - Flyer

Contest info:
Who do I give my homemade dessert to?
A volunteer will be present at the front office to accept your dessert.
We will give you a form to fill out: (Name, last name, students teacher)
Can I bring in my homemade dessert early or late on 9/13?
Of Course! If no one is there to accept your dessert before 9am or after 10am, a form will be displayed for you to fill out. We ask you bring your dessert anytime before 2pm. Please :)
How "scary" can I decorate my homemade dessert?
The scarier the better! Show us your creative side!
When and who will judge my homemade dessert?
We have selected a few teachers to judge your dessert. They will come afterschool and pick a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winner
Can I submit multiple homemade dessert entries?
Of course! The more, the merrier! but, please choose only ONE to be considered for the contest.
When will the winners be announced? and what if I miss the announcement?
The DJ will make announcement at 6pm. You don't have to be present
to win, it's OK! We know you're busy having fun with your kiddos.
*Make sure you have your info written on your dessert.
If I win, where do I collect my prize?
Come visit the Bake Walk after 6pm or after the Fall Festival at 8pm.
If we don't see you that night, we'll email you and arrange a meeting time that's convenient for you.


*If you have more questions, please email ✉️ericsonpta.com