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Room Parents help everyone stay connected – teachers, families, 

*Research shows that parental involvement at the school is the strongest predictor of student success.


* Every teacher’s needs will be different. Please  talk with your childs teacher to  find out their specific needs.

A teacher MAY need help with ...

(ex. Fall Festival, Field Trips).

 (4x year)


Q: Can there be more than one Room Parent?

A: Absolutely! we LOVE room parents! Lead Room Parent and Co Room Parents can divide the work.

Q: I work, do I have to volunteer in my child’s class?

A: You do not. This is optional. Your child’s teacher may ask you to help with projects that you can do at home.

Q: Do I have to chaperone field trips, attend school, assemblies, afterschool activities?

A: You do not. This is optional. You can help by keeping everyone in the loop on class activities and needs.