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As we continue to prioritize the safety of our students during morning drop-off, here are few key points:

1. Stay in Marked Areas with a Con and a Student: Please remember to keep your children inside the vehicle until you are in one of the marked areas with a school staff member and a student who can assist in opening the passenger side door(s). This is a crucial step in maintaining a safe and organized drop-off process.

2. Passenger Side Exit Only: To expedite the process and ensure the safety of all students, we request that children only exit vehicles from the passenger side. This allows them to move directly to the designated sidewalk, reducing congestion and potential hazards.

3. Drivers Remaining in Vehicles: We understand that some parents may wish to assist their children in exiting the vehicle. However, we kindly request that drivers remain in their vehicles whenever possible. Getting out of your car to assist can slow down the drop-off line and cause delays for other parents.

To ensure the safety and supervision of all students, we kindly ask that children do not arrive on campus before 7:30 AM.

If your family requires early drop-off options, we recommend exploring morning childcare services with either "Leaders of Tomorrow" or "Klassic Kids".
These organizations can provide the necessary supervision and care for students before our official school hours begin.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Our primary concern is the well-being and safety of your children, and your support in adhering to these guidelines is invaluable.